2016 Burlingame Pet Parade Coming Soon

The 2016 Burlingame Pet Parade will be held on September 24, 2016, at 10a.m. on Broadway in Burlingame. Pet owners who wish to march with their pets must report by 9:30 a.m. to the parking lot near Broadway and Chula Vista Avenue. This family-friendly event offers free entertainment and art projects for children. There is no charge to... read more

Fun Burlingame History

Explore the History of Burlingame The earliest documented European contact with what is now the Burlingame area was made by the Juan Bautista de Anza expedition in 1776. Although earlier Spanish expeditions had passed through this area, notably the Portolá expedition in 1769, de Anza is the first to have camped in what is now Burlingame. In his diaries, de Anza refers to the dry arroyo “half a league” north from “arroyo San Matheo.” It can be assumed that this is what locals now refer to as Burlingame Creek. From that date, the Spanish missionaries developed the San Mateo/Burlingame area as the farm to support their mission in San Francisco. With the advent of Mexican independence in 1822, the mission lands were secularized and the southern Burlingame area was part of a land grant, known as Rancho San Mateo, given by Governor Pio Pico to his secretary, Cayetano Arenas. Arenas had hardly taken possession of the land when the uprising in Sonoma that led to the founding of the Bear Republic caused him and his father to dispose of the land to a San Francisco based mercantile company, Howard & Mellus. Burlingame Map 1876William Davis Merry Howard soon bought out his partner, Henry Mellus, planning to retire to the country to live in splendor with his young wife. Following his death eight years later in 1856, his estate was divided into thirds, one third for his wife, Agnes, one third for his son, William Henry Howard, and one third for his father-in-law, Joseph Henry Poett. At this point, several conflicting pieces of information create some confusion regarding the exact... read more
Welcome to Broadway Burlingame

Welcome to Broadway Burlingame

Welcome to the new blog for downtown Burlingame Broadway. I’m John Kevraniana, the new President of the Broadway Burlingame Business Improvement District. This forum isn’t going to be about me—it’s a place to talk about the happenings of my home city’s downtown community of Broadway Burlingame. Please stay tuned to news and... read more